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Maps, Fuel Prices, & Misc

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National Weather Service
Weather Service Map     Graphic Preview     Graphic Map     Long Range Forecast     
Hurricane Map      Snow Coverage
Active Forest Fire Map      Smoke and Fire Map      Drought Map      Flood Warning Systems     Sea Surface Temperatures
Real-Time Earthquake Map - Street view - Newest            Real-Time Earthquake Map - Satelite view - Greatest magnitude
The National Map Viewer    

     Climate Change Institute - Climate Reanalyzer Climate - Weather Maps         Weathernet Snow Coverage
Alaska's Aurora Forecast     Aurora Service Forecast     Jet Stream Map     WunderMap
Plant Hardiness Map     EWG's Tap Water Database      Lake Powell Info     Space Weather     Global Forest Change
Fourmilab The Sky Now   set your location, etc below map, OR  Customize and Bookmark for later use
LatLong.net    Free Map Tools Elevation Finder    Free Map Tools Elevation Finder    DraftLogic Find Altitude Map   USGS-maps and more maps
 Topo, satellite, road map (with terrain), historic: find latitude-longitude-elevation
The True Size of..     Find the true size of a country by moving it to a new location.
Your weather in 60 years     Use map to select your location, project weather location in 60 years.
NOAA Solar Calculator - Sun Rise/Set/Position     Select blue pin near your location, or move the large salmon pin to your location (enlarge map as needed).
Suncalc.org sunrise/sunset calculator    Select location from map, or type in.

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