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Photopic Sky Survey   True-color all-sky survey, with constellation and star name overlay option.  News articles state it is the largest of its type.  Requires Flash.

Be an Astronomer Right From Your Window   Suggested by Emily via Jamie VanAllen of Northern Mentors. A commercial site with links to sites containing information for the young or beginning astronomer.

Sky Screensaver by John Walker   Includes current location of planets, moon and sun, star names. Several other interesting items on his site.

US Naval Observatory (USNO) Data Services   Sunrise, sunset, eclipses, and more!

Astronomy Software   Assorted astronomy freeware, links to homepage and to download.

NIST US TIME - Eastern Time Zone   Official US time, use arrow to change time zone..

Space Weather   "News and information of the Earth-Sun environment." Solar winds, X-Ray solar flares, number of sun spots, and more Including forecast.

Wolfram Alpha computation engine   From the site: "Enter your question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer."

Geology.com   Maps of various types: satellite, altitude, rivers, major roads, etc.

Tax Cloud Internet Sales Tax Guide   Sales tax rate for a location (state plus local), and by category (food, clothes, etc.). Click Find a Rate, and use map.

Tax Foundation - Data Page   Great deal of information on state, local, and federal taxes. Search "cell phones" for tax on your mobile.

Relative Value of $100   How far does $100 go in each state (use map). From Tax Foundation.

Retirement Living Information Center.com - Taxes by State   Use map to see individual state tax information.
Top Retirement.com - State Guide
  Tax information for each state: income, sales, property, inheritance/estate.
County health rankings.org
  More than you might want to know about the area you areconsidering. Example: population to doctors dentist.
Property Tax by county
  CNN Money property for US counties. By average dollar and average price of home. Use zoom to see county outline. Divide average tax by the percentage equal average houe cost.
Zumper.com    Hotpads.com
  Available rentals and price.
National Council on Aging - Benefits Check-up
  Benefits check-up for 55 and over.
Moving.com (stats)    Sterling's Best Places (Cost of Living & stats)
  Compare your town with another town.
Charity Navigator.org   AARP recommended site for checking charities.
NAUPA Unclaimed Property - Unclaimed.org    Missing Money.com   US and Canada by state or province. Also: US Treasury Hunt  Near bottom of page is "Start Search" button, need social security number.
Leapfrog Group   Scores hospitals for medical errors. Mentioned in AARP Newspaper. (11/9/2012)   Health Grades.com   Doctor rating by patients.   Pro Publica - Dollars for Docs   Payment to doctors from drug companies.   Wall St Journal - Medicare Payments   Searchable: payments to doctors by Medicare and why. Get Human.com   Dialahuman.com   Lucyphone.com     Instructions for reaching a human, rather than a computer.
50 States.com   Information and links.
Inflation Calculator   Just for fun, 1800 to today, input $ amount and years.


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Wikimapia   Flash Earth   Google Maps   Map Quest   Open Street Cam Maps   Open Street Maps   Bing Maps   Pick your favorite.
GPS Visualizer   LatLong.net   Provides latitude and longitude for an address.
United States Zip Code.org   US Naviguide   Zip code finders.

US DOT Byway's site   The Most Scenic Drive in All 50 States   America's Scenic Byways   Wikipedia - National Scenic Byway   Maps, photos, and information about America's Scenic Highways. Some are not paved and may be 4-wheel only.

Round About Publication   Location of Rest Stops on Interstate Highways, and RV Dump Stations. Use links.
Roadtrip America
  Plan your trip: tolls, attractions, advice.

NPS Find a park   Use map or list.

RailService.com (see "Tourist Railroads & Museums")   American-Rails.com (see "Tourism" bottom left)   Information about historic train rides and museums.

FlightArrivals   Flight info with Google map (under Flight Map tab). Shows flight path.
  Track by flight, carrier, airport., or type of aircraft. See all the flight at a particular airport, live. Great deal of information.
  Map with path, information, click for weather, etc. Try Go Live with Detail View

Wunderground   Site Map: under Travel heading: weather planning for your trip.

Arbor Day Foundation Tree Identification Guide   "What tree is that?"

Gas Buddy Gas and Diesel prices.


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National Phone Number Registry (use numbers only)     Lookup phone number, including Reverse Lookup

SpeedTest.net    Bandwidth Place   SpeedDot - Graphs speed   DSLReports - Letter Grade   Test My Speed.net - Up Down or Combine     Speed tests.

Gibson Research   Test your firewall.

Gibson Research "Haystack"(Time to break)   How Secure is My Password?   The Password Meter   Strength Test     Online password checkers.

Norton Password Generator   Random.org   New Password Genator   Strong Password Genator   Secure Password Generator   Paranoia Works Security Password Generator - Javascript generated on your computer)    Online password generators not recommended for bank site, etc.  Try either for excellent, free portable software: The Portable Freeware Collection    PortableApps  

QualysSSL Labs   Test security on web sites you use.

Check your browser   Test security of your browser.

ColorCombo.com - Color Tester Page   Test various background and text colors for web design.

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